12. Mark highest product yellow

Canvas instructions Step 12: In the table and then in the map, color the top 3 boxes yellow from the nouns with the highest A*E values

Yellow Highlighter

Color the largest values in the A*E column of the table yellow with the yellow highlighter.

Mark highest values yellow in table under A*E

The more influence sizes you have, the more values you can mark yellow. In any case, you should mark the values that stand out significantly. Whether these are 2 or 5 markers is not relevant. Just trust your feelings!

Example: If you have 12 influence values and the highest multiplication value is 70, the second highest is 54 and all others are smaller than 25, then it is recommended to mark only the two highest values.

Main words in the map yellow color

Necessarily the rectangles of the nouns with the yellow marker, which had the highest multiplication values, should now also be colored in the relationship map.

In Map, color the nouns with highest multiplication values

Next 13 Step

In the next 13. Step you will frame nouns with the highest division values in red.