13. Frame highest quotient red

Canvas instructions Step 13: In the table and in the map, frame the top-3 boxes red with the highest values A/E + frame all boxes red with original E=0, i.e. without incoming arrows

Red pin

Use the red pencil to frame the highest values with a red circle in the A/E column of the table. Here, too, the values that are significant must be marked in red.

Circle highest division values in red table

Frame main words in map red

Frames the nouns in the table with the highest quotients red also in the relationship map.

Fram main words with highest division values in map red

Important: also all nouns with E=0

This is a special feature. All nouns that have no incoming arrows, i.e. you have entered a “0” in the table at E, will also frame them red in the relationship map.

The background is that these are influencing variables that are usually easier to implement in concrete terms. Because here no precondition has to be fulfilled. At least if no influence quantity or incoming arrow was forgotten.

Next 14 Step

In the next 14. Step you formulate your first result, i.e. the 1st answer sentence.