6. Enter main words into the map

Canvas-Guide Step 6: Enter all nouns of a category into the clouds + frame them with a rectangular box

Now it will be relational

Now we leave the western way of thinking of the most beloved list structure and come into the relational. I.e. we are now concerned with grasping the relevant influencing variables in their relationships to each other.

Metaphorically speaking we have, so to speak, the names (nouns) and the description (prefix) of the family members and the relatives (as influencing variables) and now want to describe their relationships and relationships among each other. This is something completely different than just knowing the members. Anyone who has ever determined the seating order for a wedding, baptism, etc. gets a feeling of what is meant.

Therefore, the subsequent drawing of the relationship map in step 7 is the key to understanding whether and how to best act where.

Rules for entering nouns in the clouds

  • Use the larger clouds for categories with many nouns – if necessary. simply rearrange the category names from step 5 in the map
  • Each category enter all nouns in the respective cloud
  • only enter the noun, optionally with verb, without prefix
  • place the nouns in the cloud this way, that these stand slightly offset to each other and also is some space between the nouns
  • frame all nouns with a rectangular frame without wasting too much space
  • use best a black pen for nouns and frame
  • for the practiced Kubernetik user: if certain nouns are felt to belong together or have an effect on each other, then draw them closer together; you can also consider positioning the nouns in the clouds so that they are closer together with other nouns in other clouds

Next step 7

In the next 7. Step you will link the influence variables within a cloud with arrows.