Can Batman beat Superman? – a Topics Kubernetik

To take full advantage of the Kubernetik as a method to show, but also to test, I asked myself if Batman could defeat Superman at all.

Now Superman invincible. Almost at least. And Batman is only a normal, physically strong person, who can afford the newest technology by his extreme wealth or let it develop by himself.

With the help of the Kubernetik-Excel I have created a collection of possible relevant influence quantities and an influence matrix.

Table of influencing variables how Batman can defeat Superman
Table: influencing variables how Batman can defeat Superman

The How Question

How can Batman defeat Superman?
Extract of the relationship map from the Kubernetik Excel on how Batman can win against Superman
Extract from the relationship map with the Kubernetik Excel on how Batman can win against Superman

Response phrase 1

The most important thing for Batman to overcome the almost invincible Superman is that he has his strategic and tactical intelligence fully exhausts the latest edge technologies and that he uses lethal kryptonite procured!

Response phrase 2

Batman should start with that, first the for Superman lethal kryptonite, paired with a sophisticated tactical plan. As Batman at least having to endure one to two blows from Superman, he should get a extreme physical robustness training!

ToDos for Batman

  • Plan how kryptonite can be procured
  • Draw up strategic plan for weapons, supporters, etc.
  • Extreme physical training e.g. through martial arts fights (as Bruce Wayne)


For me it was exciting to apply the Kubernetik also to superficially absurd questions. Of course just for fun 🙂

There must be a movie “BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice”, which I will watch soon. I’m curious to see if the film writers have followed a similar path as I did in my Kubernetik.

I would say that the created Kubernetik has provided an adequate perspective and solution approach.

How do you see it?

Challenge for all comic fans

Of course I probably didn’t consider many influential figures and relationships as a not necessarily die-hard connoisseur of the Batman and Superman scene.

That’s why I invite all fans to make a kubernetik about the same question themselves. I will publish it on request or with my superimposition . In this way the most realistic image is increasingly created, which takes all perspectives into account. Whether for die-hard Superman or Batman fans.

Try it out! I will be happy to assist you with your question – simply report.

Highlighted superimposed superimpositions

Kubernetik in its highest form also uses the perspectives of the most diverse connoisseurs. By superimposing created Kubernetiks of several people, whether fans or colleagues, the common picture is created. No position is omitted or not related. A welcome mistake of bosses or politicians is that the often introverted experts remain unheard!

More scenarios

Also other Superhero comparisons can be made with Kübernetik. Hypothetically questions like which extinct animals would win against another genus, etc.

Self-explanatory, less fictitious questions can be worked out with Kubernetik as well. For example, which is the best management strategy against the competitor? Or which political parties could win like against other parties in the next election? More about this later in further topics .

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