Expert Kubernetik with Excel by Irmela Schwab: Positioning as a Specialist Journalist

Independent journalists have to position themselves. There are countless possibilities. Irmela Schwab shares her knowledge in a expert crossover how she positions herself. She has already created many cross-netics with the Canvas. Now she presents her approach in a cross-netics with Excel.

Kübernetik mit Excel zur Positionierung als Fach-Journalistin von Irmela Schwab

Cross-over with Excel

As described in this article, there is now a Kübernetik-Table calculation. Designed for cübernetics who have used the canvas several times or simply want to use a software tool. The cross matrix also allows to create larger overnetics with more influence sizes than the standard canvas. Calculations and analysis are also performed automatically.

Edited Cübernetics “Positioning as a Specialist Journalist through the Network”

The How Question

The concrete how-question, which Irmela Schwab treats in the Excel-cübernetics is:

How do I manage to use my network for my positioning as a journalist specializing in marketing and digital business?

A Fast-Forward-Video in which steps 1. to 3. are shown.

Fast-Forward-Video einer Kübernetik mit Excel von Irmela Schwab

Response block 1

The table calculation simplifies the counting of the incoming and outgoing arrows and the calculations. The significant influencing variables for the 1st set of answers therefore result in:

The most important thing how I use my network to position myself as a specialist journalist is that I arrange targeted meetings with people, preferably at relevant digital business conferences, where I also arrange and conduct topic-related interview appointments.

Response block 2

The response sentence 2 resulting from the influencing variables with the highest control factors is:

In terms of using my network to position myself as a professional journalist, I should start by saying that I mean maintain my professional curiosity, to maintain my practise in open contact-joy, always introduce myself actively personally in conversations, thereby tell private things about me in order to gain trust and arrange appointments with specific people in advance.

Derive to-dos

  • Thinking about which private stories I want to tell about myself
  • at every meeting with people in the next days I always introduce myself actively before I am asked
  • Create a list of people I want to speak to at the next conference


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