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Whoever is trained with the Kubernetik canvas, has understood that the relationship map is nothing else than an influence matrix. I.e. a cross-table. This can be mapped with a spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets. With the advantage that a large part of the steps can be automated.

Kubernetiks now also with table calculation
Kubernetiks now also with table calculation

For whom is Kubernetiks with spreadsheet the right thing?

Nevertheless, if you take the second step before the first one, i.e. if you haven’t used the canvas properly at least twice, I think you are missing the idea of networking. Kübernetics means to practice networked thinking. This is connected with the fact that without practice with the canvas, the table cannot be filled out optimally. Arrows are and should also be drawn with emotional motivation. A spreadsheet calculation, however, tempts rather to the factual, safe and less emotional. However, it is the basis of Kubernetiks to use both the rational and the emotional at the same time and to fully exploit the human potential.

What can the Google-Sheet?

The sheet enables the electronic recording and representation of a Kubernetiks. It saves you from having to enter the nouns in a relationship map. Likewise, only checkboxes are clicked to map the mutual effects of the influencing variables. The counting of the incoming and outgoing arrows is automatic. The same applies to multiplication and division. The significant influencing variables including prefixes for the answer sentences 1 and 2 are automatically suggested, so that the user only has to formulate a meaningful sentence from these blocks.

My recommendation for the use of the Kubernetiks table calculation

There is a danger of not thinking enough and not feeling deeply enough into the complexity of the issue. With the canvas, this tends to be the case for most users.

First when the inclined Kubernetiks, through practice with the canvas, is immune to the rational tool of a Kubernetiks with a table, he is ready for it. Always in danger, of course, of preferring a calculation tool to a visualization and getting sloppy in the process.

Two simple rules should help a user of Kubernetiks to use the appropriate tool – Canvas vs. Spreadsheet Calculation – correctly.

Where can the program be downloaded?

Since the software is still in beta phase and as described above is also available for experienced Canvas users, please request the Canvas here free of charge in the contact form. Or subscribe to the Kübernetik newsletter, as subscribers will receive a download soon.

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