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Complex Questions need practice in networked thinking for applicable answers


Characteristics of the Kubernetik

  • visual methodology for coping with complexity in private or professional issues
    for individuals or teams
  • 16-step guide to achieve simple, manageable solutions through networked thinking
  • based on cybernetic, system theoretical methods

Who does the Kubernetik help?

  • People who can no longer see the forest in front of trees due to many reflections.
  • Coaches and consultants who deal with complex topics for their clients
  • Entrepreneurs, founders, managers and politicians, who need to prioritise projects and critical decisions.

How does it work?

Kübernetik Canvas

  • Download and print Kubernetik-Canvas
  • Following the 16 step instructions, which is attached to the margin of the canvas
  • Main steps are
    1. formulating a concrete question
    2. brainstorming relevant influences
    3. creating a cross-linked response diagram
    4. minimal mathematical analysis for prioritization
    5. formulation of Answers and ToDos

What is the benefit?

  • Kuebernetik is a method that is easy for everyone to use on a single sheet of paper
  • with little practice in 20-60min achieve relevant results to a concrete complex question
  • subjective knowledge and hard facts are simultaneously considered as relevant influencing variables
  • Simple multiplications and divisions validate the processed complexity and give concrete instructions for action.

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