“Like more energy?” – a Topic Kubernetik with Excel by Alexander Pinker

Everybody wants more energy – but how?

The question of mental and physical energy occupies many. Most would like to have more energy. This would make it easier, for example, to achieve discipline, build up fitness easily, and overcome problems more easily with effort. Now the brain would like to save energy due to evolution. Muscles, whether the brain is thinking or exercising, need the most food, which was not always easy to obtain in the past. Energy saving innate.

That is why we have to deal today with how we can condition our brain in such a way that it lets us live in energy. For like the Life coach Damian Richter always says so beautifully,


Energy wins!


Theme-Cübernetics “Energy”

The innovation expert Alexander Pinker approaches the question with a kübernetics, which energizes him. For this he has the Excel-Sheet used to create an influence matrix. In the row “Energy-Cübernetics ” you will find on this website more examples than cübernetics of people who share their perspective.

Kübernetics HOW question

How can I have more energy so that I am fully motivated to achieve my goals every day?


Alex has defined the following influencing variables and specified them with prefixes:


This resulted in the following influence matrix as a table in which the mutual relationships are shown. I.e. what affects what for him?

Alexander Pinker - Influence-Matrix Energy

response sentence 1

Answer sentence 1 Alexander Pinker - Energy

The heart of complexity, that which is at the heart of the question to have more energy is:


The most important thing is comprehensive to-do lists with fixed targets and a clear vision.


response sentence 2

However, in order to tackle the complexity, it is essential to know the controlling factors and to focus on them. The 2nd answer sentence of Alex is:


I should start with comprehensive to-do lists and constructive conversations and the collection of positive feedback.



Interesting about the answer sets is that the “extensive to-do lists” are found in both. This is an indication that one of the most important influencing variables in the system can also be used in a controllable way. This often helps to find out faster with which influencing variable one should start and derive ToDos.

My personal energy-netics looks different. Each created kübernetics is different. Because we are all different. Whether physical, socialized, current context, etc. So, for example, how someone draws energy is completely individual. However, you should take a close look at other people, especially those who have gotten to where you want to go, and get inspiration on how these people take care of their energy balance.

more energy?

Look at the other Energy-Kubernetiks added by various people on this website. You are also welcome to bring in your energy-netics and give other people examples for their development. Just write me under contact and send me a screenshot of the Kübernetik.

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