Personal Kubernetik: How do I manage to eat healthier?

A healthy diet is also becoming increasingly important because people are caught up in the self-optimisation race – the so-called trend of the “Quantified Self“.

In Western societies, the individual is constantly growing. It means more freedom, but also immense psychological and performance pressure against others to exist. In addition there is the lower social security of a community, if the individual luck stands before that of the community.

This means that young people in particular have a strong focus on a healthy diet. With the previously unthinkable consequence that more men cook. In all founder incubators in which I was, all male hipsters cooked themselves, always organic.

My personal Kubernetik for a healthy diet

Since I am not a nutrition expert myself, this is not an expert cübernetics, but a personal one. I.e. like me personally, without being expert in the topic, by Kubernetik approaching to the topic and becoming smarter.

As the experts – so the personal Kubernetik should serve as an example and role model to lean on for readers who can draw individual conclusions from it. As a result, everyone can form their own opinion and strategy by creating their own Kubernetik, how they eat more effectively healthier.

My goal is to simply feel fit and lose weight. No marathon, no beach figure, no saving the world. As the following Kubernetik shows, my Kubernetik has environmental and animal-friendly elements. But these result from the logic that this is the relevant point of view for me and not an ideology. to control complexities, if possible, succeeds almost only indirectly. I.e. what one wants to change must be skillfully influenced by other factors in order to achieve the actual goal.

completed cübernetik on healthy eating
Filled personal Kubernetik on healthy eating by Chris Eberl

The result on how I can manage to eat better

The answer to the complex question “How do I manage to eat healthier?” is as follows:

Response phrase 1:

The most important thing to eat healthier is to make a fitting diet and buy vegetables from the farmer nearby.

Note: as so often the answer sentence 1 seems banal. But attention! That you have chosen exactly the 2 out of 8 and also not more or less has a statistical probability of less than 1 in 28.

Response phrase 2:

As always in the crossover, the answer phrase 1 is the story you tell others, your pitch. Nevertheless, in order to change something, the influence variables from the 1st sentence are usually counterproductive to start with. They are the goal, but not the way. So I don’t know from the answer sentence 1 which diet is the right one and which vegetables I should buy from the farmer.

The second sentence of the answer, i.e. the most effective way to approach the question, is therefore:

I should start with a blood test at my family doctor to find intolerances and I should ask my fit friends for advice to learn what worked for them or to find comrades-in-arms.

In my case I have learned that my performance depends strongly on how my blood values are. It should be added that the doctor normally only takes a simple blood count. Special values have to be requested and paid extra. However, the measured knowledge about my body is priceless for your own performance and what you are not allowed or should not eat. I have also learned from conversations with friends and acquaintances that they would never recommend certain diets, but also what tastes good and is healthy.


Each made Kubernetik is individual. Everyone has different basic requirements to answer the same question. Therefore everyone will come up with different results. And that’s what it’s all about! Every person is individual and everyone should find his own model, for example to eat healthy. A solution for all has never helped effectively.

Your Kubernetik?

I am looking forward to more personal news from readers, which I will publish or link here, if desired. Also, of course, expert reviews from nutrition experts who want to reveal their recommendations and help others.

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