Personal Kubernetik: How to Use Increasing Complexity in the World?

Complex questions need practice in networking thinking for simple solutions

Many developments in the private, professional, political and social spheres are complex. Whether felt or reality, a majority of people experience the increase in complexity in the world. But how can you make these usable for yourself?

The cübernetik with “ü” helps individuals and teams to approach complex questions and get answers that are not always obvious. The system theoretical method is based on approaches from the (Bio)Kybernetik in order to take account of a non-linear world.

In 30-60min the user receives two varieties of answers to his asked question, including concrete instructions for action. Networked thinking lives from practicing and is indispensable in a time of the departure of rigid linear thinking and global change.

How does an example Kubernetik look like as a filled out canvas?

Example of a filled canvas
Example of a filled canvas

For whom?

  • Individuals with problems, unanswered questions, who want to understand systems
  • Teams that develop innovations, want to priorities concrete ToDos

How to use?

Expert Kubernetiks

Specialists on this website provide insights into their considerations in the form of filled Expert Kubernetiks with the Kubernetik Canvas. See for example from Alexander Pinker or Dennis Fischer.


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