Personal Topics Kubernetik with Excel: How to get into an “energetic state”?

The HOW question I had asked myself was concretely:

How do I manage to always be in an “energetic state”?

In brainstorming, the following Influence sizes crystallized out for me. So nouns and these naming prefixes in the form of adjectives, double nouns or descriptions.

Table of influence sizes how I get into an energetic state
Table of influence sizes how I get into an energetic state

The relationship diagram resulting in the influence matrix shows a high network density. This suggests a higher complexity.

Influence matrix how I get into an energetic state
Influence matrix how I get into an energetic state

Response phrase 1

The most important thing to get into an energetic state is that I always act consistently and focused, that I ensure that I regularly celebrate small and big successes and that I set myself meaningful goals. In addition, it is also crucial to have an overall sense of well-being and health, to live a special purpose, to have impulsive fun again and again and to internalize helpful beliefs.

Response phrase 2

I should start by looking for friends who will make me a better person, make a contribution for other people and often move around in nature and pay attention!


ToDos in the next 2 weeks

  • List all existing friends who make me better
  • Make list how I can help other people
  • min. jogging 2 times a week in the forest or park


For myself, the Kubernetik is coherent as far as the answer sentence 1 is concerned. The 2nd answer phrase seems a little indefinite to me. Here I would have presumed other influence quantities before. This may be because I forgot to connect. By the way, this is also a disadvantage when working with such a rational tool as Excel. When drawing arrows with the canvas, the subconscious plays an even bigger role. But also during the creation of the relationship table I often had the impulse to add certain nouns. But since the Kubernetik already had a lot of components, I decided not to extend them. I will have to ask myself the same question more often. To practice myself, so to speak, in the sense of Kubernetik in networked thinking. And the more often and more qualitatively a question is treated, the higher the network density in the brain and thus a better understanding of the question. I will now first implement my 3 ToDos in the next few days.

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