Reach your personal goals in 2020

Every advisor and life coach preaches that you need goals to be successful. So now the question arises, how to find the right ?

out of the many wishes and plans.

Kübernetics helps

A brief instruction:

    • download the Kübernetik canvas and print it out (optionally also the Excel, but I recommend pen & paper for best results)
    • Ask yourself the question “How do I find the best targets for me in 2020?”
    • In a brainstorming session, write down all the influencing variables that you consider relevant in the list or table
    • create the cross-linking diagram

The result

With the response sentence 1 you can find out what the most important goal should be. But beware! Only the 2. Answer-sentence  also provides the influencing factors that you should address. Why, because these are the controlling factors and you should derive concretely realizable to-dos from them.

Much success in creating goals with Kübernetics. So that all – or at least most – of your goals in 2020 are met 🙂

“What do I want” Kübernetik.


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