Topics-Kubernetik: How to get more energy?

The question of more energy is an essential one for most people. Not everyone can use energy to kill the problems that strike him.

In my lecture several students have worked on the following Kubernetiks. A Kubernetik with answers was kindly provided so that others could take an example or compare themselves.

The more opinions there are on this same question – with a slight variation – the more comprehensive the picture the reader can form. Therefore there will be several more Kubernetiks and answers to this question from other people.

Edited Kubernetik: How to have more energy?

How question

The concrete how question is:

How can I have more energy to be fully motivated to do things every day?


Kübernetik "How can I have more power?"
Kübernetik “How can I have more power?”

Response phrase 1

The most important thing to have more energy is that I feel more health, eat well regularly, complete sports, me at Improve bouldering to be able to sto achieve noticeable results.  

Response phrase 2

I should start with stress-free walks, start doing yoga every day and use any extreme weather change.


Top3 ToDos

  • Clothes for pouring rain – go out in the rain!
  • Do yoga every day – prepare everything
  • Walk for 20 minutes at least every 2 days
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