With a lot of practice: this is how a Kubernetik can look like

Personal example: My Kubernetiks often look so simple. I quickly scribbled on a sheet of paper. Really now!?

Cross-over “on the coaster”

Many may wonder. It is propagated to implement all 16-steps, nice colorful with colors, analysis,… and then something like that!?

As so often a system behaves paradoxically. Even the Kubernetik itself can appear simple, even banal in application. Simply uncomplicated to use. An effect diagram smeared on the beer mat or on a napkin and an answer sentence suffice. But beware!

Never underestimate the power…

…of the exercise. Because after only a few Kubernetiks things can be done in the head.

Warning: just because something looks simple or light, in most cases intensive training was required. Einstein’s doctoral thesis had just 17 pages. The most brilliant goals are scored after a few ball contacts, the most expensive stores have the least products, the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry with just one button at the time of keyboard madness of Blackberry & Co, etc.

Learn, practice, reduce – in this order!

Why? It requires a lot of know-how and skill. The art of reducing to the really important things.

Therefore my appeal not to skip any step. Until the method is practiced several times and finally fits. Otherwise the last pass will not arrive.

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