Expert Kub by Guest Author: How can I use my MBA for a startup to become an entrepreneur who makes a difference in the world?

Background: Moving something away from being an employee?

With a Executive MBA in Business Creation and Innovation of the TU München on the home straight, the question arises, how one can use one’s gained knowledge and one’s new abilities meaningfully for the establishment of a startup or for the creation of genuine impact in the technology or social surrounding field.

After first considerations, it was superficially obvious that I could set the course in the direction of company foundation with a termination of the current employment relationship and also create the necessary freedom. In addition the second conclusion was obvious that one absolutely needs a Co Founder, in order to be able to start correctly.

Edited Kubernetik:


The actual “How-question” of Kubernetik (short Kub) was: “How can I use my EMBA in the next 12 months to become an entrepreneur again, who has an effect?”

Expert over-netics to start after an MBA
Expert over-netics to start after an MBA

Response Phrase 1: Tell the Story

The most important thing is that I come with sufficient money to live and sufficient seed capital in consequent action and time my termination well.

Response phrase 2: Best to Start

I should start by acquiring enough money based on my applicable knowledge and through my MBA/professional community.

Top3 derive ToDos: Come into action (in next 10 days)

  1. elicit coaching-/consultant knowledge on monetarizability
  2. research scholarships for founders
  3. create household and income plan

Result: Partly surprising result

After working out further influencing variables via the Kubernetik Canvas, it turned out, however, that the co-founder plays a subordinate role and the possible dismissal is not the only influencing variable with which I should deal.

After completion of the first ToDos it also became clear that dismissal may not even be necessary, but that entrepreneurship can also be built up in parallel and the next steps there can also take place in the current working environment.

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