Google Sheets: How can I motivate myself to do more sports?

How many people, so I wish myself to make even more sport. Why? Because afterwards you always feel better and the best for your health. But to know or to want doesn’t mean to be able to do it right away.

In the following Kubernetik [What is cübernetics? – Kuebernetik], which is associated with a table-calculation via Google-Sheets [New: Cübernetik mit Tabellen-Kalkulation > Kuebernetik] was created, I asked myself the question:

How can I motivate myself to do more sports?

Cübernetics with Google Sheet on how to motivate me more to do sports
Cübernetics with Google Sheet on how to motivate me more to do sports

Response phrase 1

As from the results that are automatically calculated in the spreadsheet – see the read-only sheet here – the following first response sentence results:

The most important thing how I can motivate myself to do more sports is holiday with sports environment and offer to make, 2 times per week to do sports with the partner and once a month a sport competition.

Response phrase 2

However, as always in cübernetics, the most important thing is not the response sentence 1 the starting point for action, but the 2. Answer-sentence which one formulates meaningfully and coherently for oneself. This is in my case:


I should start with the Finding a Sports-Buddies, if necessary. about jogging with a child in a pram or about a father forum, and I should take part once a month in a sport competition, if necessary with a child.


Derive ToDos

This results in 3 ToDos, which I can implement concretely within 2 weeks:

1. research if fathers in Munich organize themselves with prams
2. which regular sports competitions would be fun for me – list make
3. research for events where sports with child


A strong motivation and support factor to do more sports seems to be my child. The little one is a strong WHY to go out with him and spend time with him. The sport is the side effect so to speak. Also, a regular competition helps to keep on training. Now it is important for me to research which competitions I would like to do and which are suitable in terms of time and space.

You’re on your move!

Every Kübernetik is individual! To the identical question, everyone will define their own influence sizes. Likewise, the entangled relationships, whether in the cübernetics canvas or in the influence matrix table, will always look different. Because everyone has different experiences and prerequisites.

Whoever would like to create a cübernetics with the Kubernetics-Canvas for the above question and would like to make it available to others is invited to do so. Just write me here! Also, if you want to use the Google-Sheet yourself. I’m looking forward to your feedback on the topic 🙂

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