5. Entering category name in map

Canvas Guidance step 5: Create a simple category name for each category and enter the category as title of the clouds in the map (use larger clouds for categories with many nouns; if more clouds are needed, use empty space in the map)

Enter category name in relationship map

This 4th step of categorization actually consists of two steps: defining the category and entering a category name into the relationship map in the canvas.

Each category or color, so define a category name. If not yet considered, because only marked by color, now enter the name to the right into the relationship map. In the category canvas with category clouds (there is also the clean canvas without the clouds) you will find the label “category name” and write the name on the underlined line. It is best to enter the category with the same color.

If you find it hard to name the categories that you feel belong together as a word, you can theoretically enter the color “blue”, “green”, etc. as the category name. In contrast to the influence sizes, it doesn’t matter how well and appropriately the choice of words is made and how well you describe the categories. It’s only about what belongs together in a form and what doesn’t. In the relationship map this helps you to optimize the clarity. So let your subconscious work for you when finding the categories and spend little time on it!

Next Step 6

In the next 6. Step you will enter the nouns into the relationship map in the categories and connect them with effect arrows.